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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Rates, WFHM Rate Today


Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Rates for home purchase may vary according to the state where your property is located. To know the current interest rates you need to use a rate & payment calculator available online at the website of the bank. For example, here is a sample of the result produced by the calculator when a borrower entered $175,000 as the loan amount for a home worth $200,000 and located in Fresno, California.

Loan Type Interest Rate APR Payment30-Year Fixed 4.750% 5.248% $1,003.3030-Year Fixed FHA 4.750% 5.424% $1,045.1015-Year Fixed 4.250% 4.689% $1,364.625-Year ARM 3.375% 3.551% $864.095-Year ARM FHA 3.125% 2.931% $879.95


The above result assumes no points and is good for California residents only. You can enter appropriate value in the calculator to get desired results for Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Arizona, NJ, Maryland, MN, Utah, VA or any other US States. The bank also charges percent of the loan amount as origination fee, which is other than the discount points you might choose to pay in order to reduce the interest rate.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates Today

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates Today aims at providing solutions to the refinancing requirements of a homeowner living in a single family house. Here is a sample of WFHM today’s rates seen on the website of the bank for a conforming loan amount of $175,000.

Product Interest Rate APR30-Year Fixed 4.875% 5.065%30-Year Fixed FHA 4.750% 5.624%15-Year Fixed 4.250% 4.573%5-Year ARM 3.500% 3.347%5-Year ARM FHA 3.250% 3.170%

Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates Refinance

Wells Fargo also offers refinance solutions to fulfill larger borrowing requirements of the customers under conforming and jumbo loans, which are available in fixed as well as adjustable rate options.

Larger Loan Amounts (Conforming in select States)

ProductInterest RateAPR30-Year Fixed 5.125% 5.264%30-Year Fixed FHA 4.750% 5.568%5-Year ARM 3.875% 3.433%

Jumbo1 Loans

ProductInterest RateAPR30-Year Fixed 5.250% 5.390%5-Year ARM 4.125% 3.523%

Note that the rates change at least once daily according to the changes in various economic indicators of the financial market. So to get the updated and current Wells Fargo mortgage rates contact your lender or visit the official website of the bank. The wholesale mortgage brokers have access to updated rate sheet so you can get a quick and authentic quote from them easily.

Wells Fargo home mortgage reduction program is basically a refinance loan that comes with no closing costs. There are also no application or appraisal fees and the rate is automatically locked once you submit completed application. To know about rate history or get an idea of the future trend you must see the resources, such as graph and chart, provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This will help you forecast ahead of time and get the best deal.

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