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Wells Fargo REO, Properties, Homes, Department

Wells Fargo REO refers to the foreclosed properties and homes that do not sell at the auctions. The bank assumes the ownership and transfers these to a specialized REO department which maintains business liaisons with a number of asset management companies and real estate agents to sell these to end users, often at a reduced price. First time home buyers may find it easy to own a bank-owned property as it may cost less than the market price and there are also home mortgage solutions made available by banks like Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (WFHM).

Wells Fargo REO Properties

Wells Fargo offers REO properties for sale through its division known as Premiere Asset Services (PAS), which is an independent company offering outsourcing and eValuations Services across the country. It has a large network of agents, vendors and brokers that help it sell real estate owned properties held by its clients. If you are a professional and want to become a Wells Fargo REO agent, you can contact at [email protected] to know about the details of a broker application and other requirements.
Home buyers looking for a home owned by the bank can conduct a property search online at the REO website of Wells Fargo Bank. It is also possible to sign up for Email Alerts and receive information on latest properties as soon as they are added to the Wells Fargo REO Listings. Register online to subscribe this service and get instant information on the homes for sale matching your criteria. Moreover, there is a special program known as Real Estate Owned Property Donation Program that aims at providing homeownership opportunities to low-to-moderate-income (LMI) people. The request to participate in the program can be sent to [email protected]

Wells Fargo REO Department

Contact Wells Fargo REO Department to learn more about the process to buy a house that it owns. The department is accessible by phone as well as by email. Call 866-518-2164 to obtain all necessary details. If you want to get information regarding home mortgage assistance, you can dial 877-937-9357 to talk to a WFHM specialist. For further inquiry you can also contact the Housing Foundation at 612-667-5131. Property Preservation Vendors can call 866-518-2164 or email at [email protected] Brokers and Real Estate Agents should contact PAS for anything they want to know about portal registration, addendum, forms and application process.

Wells Fargo REO Department Phone Number: 866-518-2164

Check the list of Wells Fargo REO Homes and Properties for Sale at the following website.

Wells Fargo Short Sale, Department, Package

Wells Fargo Short Sale is a way out to abandon your property and get relief from all the mortgage debts it carries. It is better than foreclosure as it inflicts less damage on your credit report, which is necessary to keep your option open for obtaining a mortgage loan in future. However, you should consider the option of a short sale only after you fail to qualify for a loan modification or any other home retention program offered by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

The process starts with your calling to a specialist representative of the department and explaining the financial situation and hardship you are facing at present. The short sale department will review your request and check whether or not you qualify for the program. The bank offers a complete short sale package that can be completed and sent online as well as via mail. Upon approval the WFHM negotiator will talk to you or your agent to determine an acceptable sales price and the timeline within which you are required to list and sell your home.

Wells Fargo Short Sale Package

Wells Fargo Short Sale Package contains different kinds of forms, financial worksheets, guidelines and documentation checklist among many other things. You need to complete all forms and procure all required documents and sent the same in a packet via mail, fax or online. The package should also contain completed authorization form and a hardship letter.

Sometimes you may also require an addendum, such as Arms Length Affidavit, Contract Addendum, Listing Addendum and Contract Extension Addendum. Wells Fargo short sale approval time is typically 37 business days. There is also a fast track program for Wachovia customers. Once you receive the approval letter you are given 30 days, in most cases, to sell off your home. If you fail to do so within this timeline period you will have to restart the complete process once again.

Wells Fargo Short Sale Department

Contact the loss mitigation department at 1-800-678-7986 right at the moment you start facing payment problems. If the possible solution happens to be a short sale you need to get approval from Wells Fargo Short Sale Department. Information pertaining to program policy, rules, procedure, deficiency judgment, promissory note, escalation or any other requirements can also be had from here. The same phone number can be used to access this department. Another phone number that you can use is (866) 903-1053. The fax number to send package is (866) 359-1975. Here is the mailing address for the department.

P.O. Box 10368
Des Moines, IA 50306-0368

For more and updated information visit the website of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Wells Fargo Foreclosure

Wells Fargo Foreclosure policies are reviewed continually to ensure a process that is free from any fraudulent activities. The affidavits and other documents are found to be correct and according to the law of the state and so the bank does not want to initiate a moratorium on foreclosures. When Bank of America and other banks announced foreclosure freeze and stopped procedures in many US states it was expected that Wells Fargo would also follow the suit.

There were complaints and reports of fraud, scams and affidavit mistakes all around and the lenders were under stiff pressure. The phenomenon resulted in suspension of foreclosure process in a number of states by many mortgage servicing companies. However, Wells Fargo chose not to put on hold as long as it sees no errors and mistakes in the proceedings.

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Process

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Process follows the law of state where the property is located. Generally speaking, a judicial process requires the permission of a court of law to initiate the proceeding. On the other hand the servicer needs no prior approval from the court to send a notice of default to the delinquent homeowner in the case of a non-judicial process.
The timeline may be different and that again depends on the law of the state but usually a homeowner has 90 days to take action and put a halt on foreclosure procedure. The sooner you contact the loss mitigation department the easier it becomes for you to prevent a mortgage foreclosure. Call 1 (800) 678-7986 to know the prevention options even when the process is on.

Wells Fargo Foreclosures for Sale

A home mortgage foreclosure may be an unfortunate event for some while for others it creates opportunities to own a home at a lower-than-market price. This is the reason why Wells Fargo foreclosures for sale and REO properties are in high demand these days. One has to visit the REO website of the bank to search foreclosed properties online or contact a local real estate agent to get listings of homes owned by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in their locality. For more details you can contact WFHM REO Department at 866-518-2164.

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Department

You need to contact Wells Fargo Foreclosure Department once you receive a notice of default. You still have 90 days to get the process stopped and foreclosure suspended. Sometimes an option like short sale or deed-in-lieu can help save your potential to borrower in future if not the house you live in. Here is the phone number to contact Wells Fargo foreclosure department.

Phone Number: 1 (800) 678-7986

SunTrust REO Properties

SunTrust REO Properties are managed by a special division of SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. The REO division, also known as SunTrust Mortgage REO Department, may hire professional asset managers or asset management companies to keep these properties in good condition until they are sold.

Moreover, there also exists a nationwide network of real estate agents and brokers who assist the bank in selling homes and residential properties that it has acquired either through a foreclosure process or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

One can view the listings of such bank-owned properties at SunTrust website, but to start a sale process they must contact the real estate agent assigned for the listing they are interested in.

SunTrust REO Properties for Sale

The listings of SunTrust REO Properties for Sale can be seen on the website suntrust.res.net. You can customize your search to get results that match your criteria of bed, bath, price and location.
Alongside each listing, you may find property specifications, location details, photo and the complete contact details of the real estate agent managing that listing. Once you have found something that perfectly matches your expectations, you can contact the agent to get more details and set a date for inspection and further negotiations.

The listings of SunTrust residential real estate for sale are also available at local agents providing Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Besides, the bank also offers commercial REO properties for sale through its banking division.

Moreover, it is possible for an agent to work with SunTrust Mortgage, but one needs to first participate in Res.net to finally get approval for the program. For more information one can contact SunTrust REO Division.

SunTrust REO Division

SunTrust REO Division handles all issues related to asset management and sale of real estate. It may hire a private asset management company to obtain professional assistance from them and invite applications from qualified real estate agents to help it sell REO homes at fair market price.

Also referred to as SunTrust Mortgage REO Department, the Division has no direct phone number for real estate buyers and agents. However, one can contact the customer service department of the bank to know about any aspect of SunTrust REO properties. Here is the contact detail:

Phone Number: 1-800-634-7928

Keep browsing our website to get more on SunTrust Mortgage. You can also visit the website of the company to get even more information on any aspect you are interested in.

SunTrust Foreclosures, SunTrust Foreclosure Department

SunTrust Foreclosures for sale are being made available through a network of real estate agents and brokers in Florida and other states. The listing of foreclosed homes, now termed as REO properties, can be seen on the website of the bank, which also allows you to search for a property based on the criteria you provide.

The news currently in circulation about a possible moratorium on the SunTrust foreclosure process following the foreclosure freeze announced by many leading banks of the country is unlikely to affect the listing of available properties for sale. Nevertheless, the phenomena of home foreclosure have drastically come down in recent months following the initiatives taken by several banks and lenders at the insistence of the federal government.

SunTrust Foreclosure Process

There can be either judicial or non-judicial process depending upon the state where your property is located. Under a judicial process, the court decides whether or not the lender is justified in foreclosing a home. The judgment is given after hearing both sides and the entire process can take a pretty long time to complete.
On the other hand, the lender is authorized by law to foreclose on a delinquent property without the interference of a court under a non-judicial process. The procedure can just be initiated by sending a notice of default prior to 90 days of auction date. If you are behind two months in payments and your property falls in such a location, you may soon receive a notice of default from the SunTrust foreclosure department.

SunTrust Foreclosure Department

SunTrust Foreclosure Department, which is an extension of the loss mitigation department, issues notices of default to delinquent homeowners. Indeed it is behind all that happens to your home during a foreclosure process. So you need to contact loss mitigation department in order to prevent foreclosures and find a solution that can either let you stay in your home or leave it to pay all your dues and free from all debt obligations that you have on that property.

The various options in this regard may include repayment plan, loan modification, partial claim, Fannie Mae home saver advance, short sale, and deed in lieu. Among these options also include the federal government’s HAMP and HARP programs.

It is better to approach the loss mitigation department even before you face any hardship but expect it to happen soon. This will make you eligible for a homeownership assistance program that can provide affordable solutions to your payment problems and help save your home.

Here is the phone number to contact SunTrust Loss Mitigation Department.

Phone Number: 1.800.443.1032

Chase Short Sale

Chase Short Sale is a foreclosure alternative suited best for the homeowners having to pay more than what their home is currently worth. If you meet the eligibility requirements set under Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA), you will receive an additional $3,000 also for relocation expenses.

If however you do not qualify for HAFA you still have the option to go for a regular Chase short sale process. The application starts with the submission of your request for a mortgage short sale. But before beginning the process ensure that you have explored loan modification and all other options under home retention program of the bank.

Chase Short Sale Package

Chase Short Sale Information Packet comes in two versions. The full package allows you to be considered for loan modification options also, if you have not yet submitted any request for these. The supplemental application packet, on the other hand, contains forms and guidelines necessary to initiate a home mortgage short sale procedure. Chase short sale package typically consists of application form, required documentation checklist, IRS form 4506-T and an authorization form for real estate agents. Both versions of application packet can be downloaded in PDF format from the website of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Chase Short Sale Process

After downloading the desired short sale information packet get it printed and complete the different forms. Read guidelines and collect necessary documents as laid out in the documentation checklist. Now send the completed package via mail or fax to the address mentioned in your packet. Following the receipt of your application a loss mitigation specialist will be appointed by the Chase short sale department to look into your matter.

He/she will also ensure that you get the approval letter according to the usual timeline of the process. The general timeline for the approval process to get over is typically 30 days, but your approval letter may also get delayed on certain occasions. The letter contains the terms of short sale including issues like deficiency balance and the sale of property. Note that the bank does not pay for any third party negotiator.

Chase Short Sale Department

Chase Short Sale Department offers assistance in completing the information packet. You may want to seek the help of an officer to fulfill the application requirements and solve problems you might face during the approval process. The phone number to contact this department is 800-446-8939 for JP Morgan Chase customers and 800-848-9380 for WaMu customers. EMC Customers can call 866-483-0153. Here are mailing addresses to send your application.

By Regular Mail:
Chase Fulfillment Center
P.O. Box 469030
Glendale, CO 80246

By Overnight Mail:
Chase Fulfillment Center
710 South Ash Street
Suite #200
Glendale, CO 80246

By Fax: 866-220-4130

EMC customers can use the same address of the department as shown above but they need to replace Chase Fulfillment Center with EMC Fulfillment Center. The fax number for them is 877-601-2677.

Chase Foreclosure

Chase ForeclosureJP Morgan Chase & Co wants to be fair in its process of foreclosure and the announcement to put it on hold until the review is completed in 40 US states is a testimony to this fact. Chase foreclosure freeze was imposed earlier in 23 states where the court order is required to initiate the procedure. However, it did not stop the seizure of homes in California and several other states. The problems of incomplete court affidavits and illegal evictions led the bank to delay the process and put a halt on the forceful seizure of homes.

The moratorium is expected to continue for another three to four months in some states as the bank is committed to sort out all issues before it can set a new timeline. It is difficult for the bank to sit idle when the borrowers are not making payments for the last several months. Florida and New York are among the states where payments are due for more than 20 months. However, it is also the responsibility of the lender to see that there is no error in the documents presented before the court. Foreclosure suspension is necessary to let officials continue with their investigation and put an end to the scandal created by lenders.

Chase Foreclosure Process

Chase foreclosure process usually starts with the issue of a notice of default. A typical timeline sets the auction date 90 days after the issue of this notice to the homeowner who still has options open to get assistance from the loss mitigation department by calling 1-800-446-8939. It is possible that you may be found qualified for a forbearance plan, loan modification or deed-in lieu of foreclosure even at this point of time.

Note that the process can be initiated in case of delinquent taxes and second lien mortgage also. In some cases, foreclosure is halted if you file bankruptcy but the bank can also put a counter motion to seek relief from the automatic stoppage and continue with the procedure. Contact an attorney to know your options of foreclosure prevention when the process is on.

There are two kinds of processes that a bank can follow depending upon the law of the state in question. Judicial procedure requires a court action and is followed in states like Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, New York and Wisconsin.

On the other hand, the non-judicial process can be initiated by the lender upon sending a legal notice to the borrower. This procedure is followed in states like Alabama, California, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Oregon and Washington.

Foreclosed properties are generally bought by a third party at the auctions but some may also be transferred to the bank as bank-owned or REO properties. The listings of REO properties are available online at the website of JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Chase Foreclosure Department

Chase Foreclosure Department works under the loss mitigation department of the bank and handles issues and complaints concerning a foreclosure process. It is hard to get a direct phone number to contact this department but online banking users can find a phone number to talk to a loss mitigation specialist and explore options offered by the Chase foreclosure prevention team. Here is the phone Number.

Chase Foreclosure Department Phone Number: 1-800-446-8939

The complete address of the department which is also known as Chase Homeowners Assistance Department is as follows:

Chase Home Finance LLC
Homeowners Assistance Department
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009
Fax: 1-614-422-7259