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What Do I Need To Get Started?


Here’s a quick checklist of the information we’ll need from you in order to process your application for a home loan.

Here’s What You Need

In order to process your application for a home loan, we’ll need to gather some straightforward information from you regarding your finances.

To verify your income, we’ll need the following items as they apply to you:

  • Pay stubs for the past 30 days
  • W-2 forms for the last two years
  • If you are self-employed or commission-based, you’ll need to provide tax returns for last 2 years (all pages)
  • If you are obligated to pay or are relying on income from child support or alimony, or there is a division of property in a divorce settlement, then a signed Divorce Decree (all pages) will be required.
  • We’ll also ask for proof of funding/down payment, such as:
  • Bank, Investment and/or 401K Statements for past two months (all pages)
  • If your funding is contingent on sale of current home, you’ll need to provide a Settlement Statement (sold) or Contract (sale pending)
  • Some other information we will need:
  • Rental history including landlord contact information
  • Bankruptcy filing and discharge papers (all pages)
  • VA Loan: Certificate of Eligibility, copy of DD214
  • Signed Application (also known as a 1003)

Please note, some lenders may not require that you submit the above documentation as a condition to submitting your loan application and/or providing you with a Good Faith Estimate.

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