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Chase Home Equity


Chase Home Equity loans and lines of credit are an excellent way to use the equity you have built in your home over years of payments on your first mortgage. These products are categorized under secured debt and hence you are offered lower interest rates than you might be paying on a credit card, which is a non-secured debt.

Moreover, you may also get tax advantage in using your home as collateral to secure a home equity loan or line of credit from JP Morgan Chase Bank. The website of the bank offers an array of calculators to help you get an estimate about payments, interest rates and the amount you can save on taxes. A debt consolidation calculator can show you how combining different kinds of debts into a single payment can be advantageous to you.

Chase Home Equity Loan

When you choose Chase home equity loan you get the entire borrowed amount all at once, which is similar to taking a second mortgage at a much lower interest rate. The fund you get this way can be used for a number of purposes, such as debt consolidation and home improvement. The bank offers competitive rates and you also have the option for a rate lock.
Servicing is provided through Chase Home Finance, which is accessible via phone, fax or mail. Repayment is easy as you need to pay a fixed sum of amount each month. Moreover, it is also possible to make additional payments and pay off your loan early. Contact the payoff department and check your loan documents to see if a prepayment fee applies in this case.

Chase Home Equity Line of Credit

Chase home equity line of credit gives you the convenience of a typical credit card at the rate of a secured loan. You can draw available balance as and when you require and pay off the debt to use the fund again. Chase home equity line of credit offers you an instant source of fund to pay for home repair work and education expenses and also help you consolidate credit card and other debts.

Chase Home Equity Customer Service

Contact the customer service department to know more about home equity loans and lines of credit provided by JP Morgan Chase bank. Homeowners seeking a home equity product from Chase Manhattan bank can dial 1-800-836-5656. Existing borrowers can get customer service assistance by calling the phone number 1-888-342-4273. To know about home equity subordination requirements, one can call 1-877-437-0493. For loan modification and foreclosure one can seek the assistance from a nearby Chase Homeownership Center.

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