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Chase Website :chase.com

Chase Website is the most convenient source of information regarding any aspect of the business that JP Morgan Chase & Co does. The home page contains links to different subsections and to the websites of its subsidiary companies and affiliates.

Those having online banking account with the bank can find a link here to land directly on the sign in page (chaseonline.chase.com) following which they can easily log in to their online account by supplying a valid user ID and password.

The process is so simple, secure and robust that it is unthinkable of the site going down or not working properly. However, this happens, sometimes temporarily when the site goes down for scheduled maintenance and at other times for a much longer period for reasons unknown to the users.

Chase Website Down

The year 2010 saw Chase Website go down several times, especially during the month of September. There are more than 16 million customers who transact with the bank using its online interface. One can easily understand the problems these people have to face when the site becomes unavailable or stop working completely blocking the access to their online accounts.
News media is awash with a volley of questions seeking explanation to the cause of failure. Questions like ‘Why did Chase website go down?’, ‘What is the cause of its outage? and “What’s wrong with Chase website today?’ keep on hitting the Internet like a swarm of bees when JP Morgan Chase website crashes. Questions like ‘How long will it be down? or “When will it work again?’ also pour in with no authentic answer from the bank officials.

The situation sometimes makes one to think that the site has been hacked or some virus has crept into the system. The security threat becomes even more serious when we are heard of customers data being compromised while the system is offline. Phishing or some other online fraud may have caused the system to slow or shut down. Generally, the failure is attributed to the problems of broken links or some other technical issues with the promise that it will be restored soon.

Chase Mortgage Website

Home mortgage customers can find a link on the home page of the bank’s website www.chase.com that leads to the online resources made available for them. These resources are good for those who want to obtain a new mortgage or refinance loan from the bank. The page also offers free tools and resources like mortgage calculator, home value estimator and custom rate quote.

Existing borrowers facing trouble in payment can get the contact details for customer service department as well as the homeownership center. Chase mortgage website also offers an up-to-date mortgage education center supported by a series of video files and other useful resources to educate homebuyers and improve their knowledge.